Mg Kyal Sin Hein @ Kyal Kyal

Name Mg Kyal Sin Hein @ Kyal Kyal
Age 15
Date martyred March 14, 2021
Place fallen Hlaing Thar Yar Yangon
From Hlaing Thar Yar Yangon


Mg Kyal Sin Hein (aka) Kyal Kyal, a 9th grade student, from 14th Ward, Maykha Road, Hlaing Tharyar, left home early in the morning to protest. He was always on the shield team every day. "As soon as they started to fire, a girl in front of my brother was shot. He was also brutally shot in the head while carrying the girl. *My/His friend did not even have time to carry him because the soldiers kept shooting. The soldiers dragged him away. No one could do anything even to take a picture. Without saying a word, the soldiers got out of the car and fired continuously. They fired from both Tit Htake and BOC. No media has said anything about this. The information has been kept secret. It was painful. We couldn't even get the dead body back. There was no dead body on his funeral." (source: Mg Kyal Sin Hein's sister Facebook)*
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